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Thanks for stopping by!

I'm John, a Professional Yo-Yo'er. I've been yo-yoing since I was 4 years old. Thats when I saw a boy yo-yoing on the old Bill Cosby Show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things". I begged my parents to learn how to yo-yo and my Mom found a Yo-Yo club in South Mpls that they took me to for the next 6 years and leaned how to yo-yo. It's just something I really love to do and it's given me some pretty cool experiences.

It's taken me to some pretty amazing places like the World Yo-Yo contest, performing at the Boundary Water's Blues Fest, the State Fair for KS95 and being sponsored by a yo-yo company for 10 years. Yo-yoing has also gotten me on TV a more than a few times which is always fun.

It has also enabled me to design my own yo-yos with The Black Knight being the first, then the Equinox, an off string yo-yo and lastly the Inspire with the yo-yo company I used to be with. I'm now in college studying manufacturing engineering and continue to do yo-yo shows nation wide. Check out my hire me page.

And here is the actual Inspire video.

But best of all are all the awesome people I've met and gotten know like Doc Pop, Ben Conde, Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey), André Boulay, Takeshi, Mr. Dale Bell and Dazzling Dave over the years. So have fun checking out my site, it's got some fun pictures, video's and info on it.

e-mail me at John@johneyo.com.